The non-profit organization Spinnerei e.V. has been active since 2014 as a politically and denominationally independent initiator and partner of cultural and socio-cultural projects in Chemnitz & the region and sustainably promotes the common good through its ambitious actions. The association would like to take up social challenges through its work and develop approaches to action and solutions with the help of artistic activities. It is of great concern to us to work in an interdisciplinary way by linking the fields of (fine) arts, culture and society in a targeted manner. The resulting synergy effects are intended to produce forward-looking models that promote and sustainably strengthen the cultural region of West Saxony beyond the region.

Since 2015, the association has already successfully organized the Fête de la Musique in the Chemnitz city center. In addition to participation in various projects, the association organizes, among others, the biennial for multimedia art “POCHEN”, network & education journeys and the “Cosmic Gathering” festival.

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